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Breaking Down Two Common Yoga Poses

Uttanasana (Standing Foward Bend Pose) & Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend Pose)

These 2 yoga poses stretch the hamstrings, glutes, and the entire back body.

You may notice the body is folded the same way; the only difference is that one is done standing, the other seated. Those who have a hard time with the standing version, should start the pose seated. It’s less tiring, and there’s less blood flowing to the head.

For those with tight hamstrings, elevating the seat bones in the seated posture help propel the torso forward. In both poses, bending the knees slightly dramatically shift the stretch to the glutes & the lower back region. Like most stretching poses, having calm and steady breaths bring oxygen to the muscles.Related: fsoh unit in infosys hyderabad, government cng vehicles for sale near los angeles ca, avengers fanfiction peter hurt on patrol, harley davidson cvo production numbers by year, albert pirro obituary, apps for long distance family, how many times was george kennedy on gunsmoke, north dakota high school basketball stats, mission park funeral home obituaries san antonio, where is tami maida now, seeing crescent shapes in vision, an economy is productive efficient if it produces, waffle house waitress ties, amy poehler voice change parks and rec, entrance gate arch designs,Related: robert barker paleontologist, list of funerals at northampton crematorium, donald smith obituary michigan, homes in bogota, colombia, hadith on mending a broken heart, calvary chapel chino hills staff, what was the blitzkrieg weegy, royals radio announcers, abandoned homes for sale in illinois, worst oxford college, bendix unloader valve kit, hannibal, mo obituaries khmo, adams family gangsters funeral, disadvantages of social media in hospitality industry, garvin county news,Related: judge johnson visitation guidelines, when does ichigo find out his mother was a quincy, what does lgt stand for in curling, buxton pudding recipe, daniel rioli family, nicholls state baseball coaches salaries, does pike electric pay per diem, jadah marie emmy nomination, the last picture show ending explained, walking lesson plans for physical education, dayz loot respawn, crunchyroll loading circle stuck on screen, michael halsey actor cause of death, how much paprika equals one bell pepper, bungalows to rent in wales dss accepted,Related: closetmaid selectives vs impressions, how to make podocarpus grow faster, bill lear grandchildren, major crimes trivia, landlord monthly rent confirmation form erap, guns used in death wish 3, shirley stone gleason, black dutch last names, friendly’s menu 1980s, blue cross blue shield oklahoma breast reduction, donut slack alternative, the other black girl book ending explained, medicine hat fire calls for service, alice in chains oklahoma connection, westbrook high school football coach,Related: the opposite of something or a brand of shoes, print resources for child guidance, us bank reo agent application, the constitution of the self by gerry lanuza, wagley funeral home, adrian, michigan obituaries, where is the traction control button on a buick enclave, french montana brother, st louis university nephrology department, why did brett somers wear a wig, maple leaf restaurant near me, simon beaumont wife, sevrage lithium effets secondaires, duane and barbara patagonia, refurbished shimano reels, alisha newton leaving heartland,Related: spice programming tutorial, swimming with manatees in florida, pediatric behavioral health charlotte, nc, robotics camp toronto, oil and gas recruitment agencies in saudi arabia, education sciences major jobs, disposal of hazardous waste, d calories, university of calgary email address, webos developer account, motobecane bicycle models, island house hotel port clinton, icicle lights outdoor, coach open road fragrantica, occupational hazards in hospital,Related: sixth college ucsd housing, petition to partition cost nc, swabbies on the river parking, where are quicktime screen recordings saved, james harmon obituary, ohio arrests mugshots, scared straight program arlington, tx, pacific country crossword clue, scottish words for love, , houses for rent in greensboro, nc under $600, what to wear to a kane brown concert, what is sph, cyl and axis in eye prescription, caregiver background check illinois, jason hawes wife kristen cornell,

A Yoga Sequence to Blend with the Trees

Just the first of many blog posts featuring yoga poses. These photos were taken by Brandon Croke for the new website.

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