“Not only do I get a good physical workout, but David’s calm and graceful teaching style also helps my mind relax and take a break from thinking about my list of to-do’s.”

Public Class Schedule



Wednesday 4:45-6pm All Levels Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Tree Hayes

Join David for a Vinyasa flow class (all levels) to strengthen your body and relax the mind. In this 75-minute class, there will be guided meditation, pranayama (breath work), sun salutations, warrior poses, twists, backbends, as well as inversions. Students are encouraged to do as much or as little as their body leads them.

Sunday 6:15-7:45pm Candlelit Flow All Levels

Yoga Tree Hayes

Join David for a CandleLight Flow class (all levels) to let go of any unfinished business from the week. This 90-minute lights-out class is vigorous, yet relaxing; under a calming backdrop for you to connect the body, mind, and spirit.


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