Meet David

“David leads his classes through¬†smooth, creative sequences that surely must be inspired by his background in dance. He doesn’t rush through poses, and takes the time to help students with the poses they are working on.”

From an early age David had a fascination in the human body. After a successful dance career in Broadway shows and the Metropolitan Opera; he now shares his passion of movement and mindfulness with others through yoga & meditation.

David is passionate about guiding his students to uncover their own potentials – physical and otherwise. With over 15 years of teaching dance, yoga and mat Pilates; he creatively combines his knowledge of all 3 disciplines in his classes. By linking physical poses with the powerful rhythm of the breath, yoga bolsters core strength while focusing the mind and enlivening the spirit.

Whether you are new to yoga, have a regular practice, nursing an injury or wanting to condition your body; David welcomes you to cultivate a way of life where health, joy, and peace are celebrated.